Saturday, September 3, 2011

Introducing the special needs directory (@SENICTdirectory) #spedchat #assistivetech #a11y

The SEN / ICT Directory has been created in an effort to gather information and resources surrounding special needs.  Although this site is based in the UK, it seems that any resource related to special needs could be submitted from around the globe.
Since the directory was just recently launched, there are not that many listings yet.  Follow @senictdirectory on Twitter to receive updates as new listings are added.

The directory currently has 10 different categories:

  1. Companies -  For an annual fee, companies can be included in this category.
  2. Products - For an annual fee, companies can have their products listed in this category.
  3. Software - For an annual fee, companies can have their software listed in this category.
  4. Hardware - For an annual fee, companies can have their hardware listed in this category.
  5. Equipment - For an annual fee, companies can have their equipment listed in this category.
  6. Services - For an annual fee, companies list the services they provide in this category.
  7. Jobs - For a minimal submission charge, companies can post jobs in this category.
  8. Events - For a minimal submission charge, events can be posted in this category.
  9. Charities - 
    Charities are able to submit (for FREE) their websites in order to gain much needed support.

  10. Resources  - 
    Teachers & parents can submit (for FREE) useful websites and online resources.  This is my favorite category so far.  It includes a number of great resources featuring switch-accessible activities, interactive whiteboard lessons, visual supports, and printables.  Although none of these resources are new to me, they are some of the best resources for special needs.  The UK has always seemed ahead of the game in terms of developing multimedia activities and resources for children with special needs.


  • Nice, clean user interface.  I really like the use of visual thumbnails.
  • It is fairly easy for users to submit resources to be included.
  • Information is posted on the website, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • In terms of how the directory is organized, I think some of the current categories could be combined.  For example, the categories Software, Hardware, and Equipment should be sub-categories of Products.
  • Also, the Resources could be more clearly defined as FREE Resources and divided into sub-categories like For Kids, For Parents, and For Professionals.  
  • Add a site-wide search engine
  • Consider asking users to include keywords or tags when submitting a resource.

-  Jeremy

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