Friday, September 16, 2011

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Handipoints is an online tool or virtual community to help parents motivate their children to complete offline chores or tasks.  

How it works:  
1.  Parents create charts (for behaviors, chores, fitness, etc.).
NOTE:  In order to save charts that they create and for their kids to be able to earn points, parents have to register for a FREE account.  
2.  Kids complete tasks and check them off on the chart

3.  Parent grades the tasks and awards points.
4.  Kids save up points  to play online games or buy cool stuff for their virtual pet cat.

Handipoints also features a library of over 10,000 printables\worksheets as well as arts & crafts ideas, which children could complete to earn points.  Kids can also learn Fun Facts about health, holidays, science and history!

There is a FREE account, which lets parents create charts and worksheets, grade their children's work, and create an online allowance programs.  Paid plans offer premium features.

-  Jeremy

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