Monday, August 1, 2011

UDL and Mobile Apps - new blog by Kathleen McClaskey

UDL and Mobile Apps is a new blog by Kathleen McClaskey. Kathleen describes this blog as "an open discussion and sharing of how mobile apps can be used to create digital learning environments using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework." She poses the following questions to guide the discussion: "We now have the opportunity to level the playing field for all learners but how can we accomplish that? What tools can be leveraged? Can apps be instrumental in personalizing the learning of students?"

In her initial post, Kathleen provides readers with an overview of UDL. She discusses related legislation and policy documents like IDEA and the U.S. Department of Education Technology Plan. To learn more about UDL, she directs you to the UDL Center.

I have already added Kathleen's blog to my Google Reader and look forward to the discussions about UDL and mobile apps!

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