Friday, August 26, 2011

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UPDATE (08/29):  The promo code giveaway for this app remains open.  I'm waiting until there are at least 5 comments to select the winners.

Measurement HD by PUNFLAY (iTunes App Store | iPad | $0.99) is an educational app that introduces students to the basic concepts of measurement such as length, volume, and weight.

5 learning activities, each present a concept of measurement:
  1. Crazy Clock introduces the concept of time. A friendly voice announces a time and the student has to set the correct time on the clock by moving the minute hand.
  2. Scale Tale introduces kids to the concept of weight by having students guess whether familiar objects are lighter or heavier.
  3. Fill Me Up teaches the concept of volume through easy exercises such as filling pitchers with liquids or jars with cookies minus the mess.
  4. Long and Short helps students learn the concept of length through comparisons of familiar objects.
  5. Action Months is a game that introduces the basics of duration of time through a simple drag and drop activity to fill in the letters of the months.

App Features:

  • Kid-friendly user interface
  • Attractive graphics and exciting animations 
  • Simple activities that offer a lot of practice to reinforce concepts
  • Blends California and National Standards
  • Built-in reinforcement

Promo Code Giveaway:
The developer has given us 2 promo codes to giveaway.  To win a promo code for the Measurement HD app:

1. Follow @PUNFLAY
 and tweet about this promo code giveaway "I just entered promo code giveaway for Measurement HD by @PUNFLAY. You should too! #B2SAppSpecials #TeachingAll 

2. Like PUNFLAY on Facebook and mention this #B2SAppSpecials promo code giveaway on the Teaching All blog.

3. Comment below and share an activity that you have found to be effective for teaching students about measurement.

Winners be announced
in a comment below.  Good luck!!

-  Jeremy

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