Saturday, August 20, 2011

#B2SAppSpecials #promocodes for Artic2Go PBM by Hump Software @chelling #SLPChat #SLPeeps

UPDATE (08/23) - The promo code giveaway for this app is still OPEN.  See instructions below on how you could win!

Artic2Go PBM by Hump Software (iTunes App Store, Universal, $1.99) is an electronic deck of picture cards targeting the production of the /p/, /b/ and /m/ speech sounds. This app provides materials for articulation practice at a fraction of the cost of paper picture card decks!


Skill Addressed:  Articulation

App Features:
  • Simple interface/navigation
  • For each targeted speech sound, 20 pictures are included for initial, medial, and final positions, for a total of 180 pictures!
  • Each of the picture items is based on single to multisyllabic words, progressing from front, mid to back consonant word productions so you can be assured that you are providing systematic and comprehensive intervention trials.
  • Ability to choose whether or not to have the word spoken
  • Good, clear speech quality
  • Data collection available for each targeted sounds in each of the three word positions.

Promo Code Giveaway:

The developer has given us 2 promo codes to giveaway.  To win a promo code for the Artic2Go PBM app:

1. Follow @chelling
 and tweet about this promo code giveaway "I just entered #B2SAppSpecials #promocode giveaway
 on #teachingall for Artic2Go PBM @chelling.  You should too! #SLPChat #SLPeeps"
2. Comment below and share a creative activity or strategy for working on articulation skills.

Winners be announced TOMORROW (Sunday) night in a comment below.  Good luck!!

-  Jeremy

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