Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#B2SAppSpecials #promocodes for abc PocketPhonics @appsinmypocket

UPDATE (08/23):  We have 1 promo code left to giveaway for this app.  Comment below to win!

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words by Apps in My Pocket Ltd. (iTunes App Store
| Universal | $2.99) is a educational app, which focuses on early literacy skills.  This app was designed to teach the basics of reading and writing to young children.

Video Demo:

Skills Addressed:
  • Phonics, or letter sounds
  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Sight words
  • Spelling

App Features:
  • Research-based
    • Uses best practices for phonics instruction, such as the synthetic phonics teaching method
    • FREE guide to teaching children how to read is available to order from within the app
  • Focuses solely on letter sounds and not letter names to help children learn how to read more quickly.
    • Teaches sounds for all the letters in the alphabet plus over 30 letter sounds that come from combining letters together (like ‘sh’ and ‘ch’), because they are key to reading so many frequently-used words
  • Handwriting
    • Provides visual models and cues how to form, or write each letter
    • Works with styluses
    • Checks accuracy of child’s writing
  • Sight words & Spelling
    • Unique “letter sounds make words” spelling game helps children learn how to sound out and spell over 170 frequently used words
  • Customization - Parents or professionals are able to configure the app to meet the needs of their child or students through its wide range of settings (e.g. lowercase, uppercase, or cursive letters; two popular handwriting styles)

Promo Code Giveaway:
The developer has given us 2 promo codes to giveaway.  To win a promo code for abc PocketPhonics app:

1.  Follow @appsinmypocket on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway "I've entered  @appsinmypocket promo code giveaway.  You should too!  #B2SAppSpecials #teachingall"

2.  Like Apps in My Pocket on Facebook.  Comment on their wall about the #B2SAppSpecials promotion and tell them you came from the giveaway on the Teaching All Students blog.

3.  Comment below and share a strategy you have found to be effective in teaching your child or students either phonics or handwriting.

Winners be announced Thursday morning in a comment below.  Good luck!!

-  Jeremy

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