Sunday, August 14, 2011

#B2SAppSpecials - Back-to-School Apps Promotion - #promocodes for Splash Math interactive workbooks (2nd/3rd Grade) @splashmath

UPDATE (8/15):  The developer has provided additional promo codes for both grade levels (2nd/3rd) and versions (iPad/Universal) of the Splash Math apps.  This giveaway has been extended until Friday (8/19).   Promo codes remaining (doesn't include winners already announced in comments):  Grade 2/iPad (3), Grade 2/Universal (5), Grade 3/iPad (4), & Grade 3/Universal (6) - total of 19 winners possible!!  If you already commented for this giveaway, no need to comment again.

We have promo codes from one of our #B2SAppSpecials Developer Spotlights, Study Pad, Inc.  Splash Math are not your average math apps.  Although described as" interactive workbooks," they are much more!  These apps present children or students with problems covering a wide range of math concepts and skills as well as provide embedded electronic or virtual manipulatives for them to use in solving the problem.  I would consider Splash Math apps to be amongst the best educational or learning apps for elementary level mathematics.

Skills Covered:
1.  Place Value
2.  Number Sense
3.  Addition (strategies & two- and three-digit)
4.  Subtraction (strategies & two- and three-digit)
5.  Multiplication
6.  Division
7.  Time
8.  Customary Measurements
9.  Metric Measurements
10.  Geometry
11.  Data Analysis
12.  Probability
13.  Fractions
14.  Decimals
15.  Money

  • Clean and student-friendly interface with many visual supports, or pictures.
  • Electronic, or virtual, manipulatives allow for a more hands-on, interactive approach to problem solving.  For example,  dragging and dropping shapes, popping bubbles, rotating hands on the clock, and more. 
  • Each app covers over 200 concepts or skills with an endless supply of problems
  • Content is aligned to state standards.
  • True differentiation and individualized instruction - “Splash math’s algorithm tries to gauge quickly the current level of the kid and takes him through levels in an adaptive fashion.
  • Embedded reinforcement - between sessions children are rewarded with time in their virtual aquarium. New sea creatures such as angel fish, clown fish, squid, crabs are earned as the child continues to practice their skills.
  • Built-in data collection, or progress tracking.  You can have reports sent to you via e-mail to monitor your child's or students' progress. 

    Promo Code Giveaway:
    The developer has generously provided us with many promo codes for their Splash Math apps.  To win a promo code for one of the Splash Math apps:

    1.  "Like" Splash Math on Facebook and comment about #B2SAppSpecials on their wall and them you were sent from the Teaching All Students blog giveaway.

    2.  Comment below and share your child's or students' math goals for this school year.  Also, mention which grade level (2nd or 3rd grade) and version (iPad or Universal) of Splash Math would be the best match for your child or students.

    Winners will be announced in the comments below.  Good luck!!

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