Friday, August 12, 2011

#B2SAppSpecials - Back-to-School Apps Promotion - LAUNCH!!

To celebrate the end of summer and Back-to-School we are collaborating with Carisa of Digital Storytime and Siva of Technology (Spl) Education to facilitate a Back-to-School App Specials promotion/sale THIS WEEKEND (8/12 - 8/15)!

85 developers are participating with over 170 apps!!

To participate and learn about all the APPMazing deals: 
1.  Visit the #B2SAppSpecials blog.  Use the CATEGORIES on the right side to browse\find apps.

2.  Follow the hashtag #B2SAppSpecials on Twitter.  Click here to view the real-time Twitter stream. 
NOTE:  OFFICIAL #B2SAppSpecial tweets will come from @techieteacher, @teachntech00, @techinspecialed, @iPad_Storytime, and @MomsWithApps.  IGNORE others who may persuade you to purchase apps using their widgets.

Promo Code Giveaways: 
Throughout the weekend, the facilitators will be giving away promo codes, which were provided by participating developers, on their blogs/sites and Facebook pages.

Participating Developers: 
App Developers:  If you would like to participate in #B2SAppSpecials, you can still add your app(s) using our Developer Participation Form.  UPDATE:  We will accept new developers/apps through Sunday night (8PM EST).

As of 6AM CST, here are the developers who have signed up to participate:
  1. Close 2 Home Apps
  2. Extra Special Kids
  3. Ahmed Siddiqui
  4. Doonan Speech Therapy
  5. Toca Boca
  6. Punflay
  7. Study Pad, Inc.
  8. Nannek
  9. Peel Productions
  10. We Are Faces
  11. Lux HQ
  12. Artgig Apps
  13. TappyTaps
  14. Electric Eggplant
  15. Nosy Crow
  16. Hump Software
  17. Spirit-led Designs
  18. Newleaf Solutions
  19. Staytooned
  20. KidSpring Studio (Space Machine, Inc.)
  21. Red Ape Mobile
  22. Maplekey Company, LLC
  23. LingApps ApS
  24. Kitty Pad
  25. eduGAME
  26. Fun Educational Apps
  27. e Skills Learning
  28. Time Traveler Tours
  29. iLearnWith
  30. Tropisounds
  31. Goalbook
  32. AppAnnex
  33. KwiqApps
  34. Brandwidth
  35. iDevBooks
  36. Weiner Family Studios
  37. Tizio Publishing
  38. Sosh
  39. Grembe Apps
  40. Interactive Elementary
  42. Mobile Education Store
  43. zinc Roe Games / Tickle Tap Apps
  44. Oceanhouse Media
  45. Brain Parade
  46. Libii Tech
  47. Pi'ikea Street
  48. Toytek
  49. Auryn
  50. ICON, LLC
  51. 3D Literacy
  52. The Conover Company
  53. Kiboomu Publishing
  54. Make Believe Worlds
  55. Thandros Media Corp.
  56. Carolyn Merriman \ Short Stack Apps
  57. Continuous Integration, Inc.
  58. Tiny Hearts
  59. Learning Touch
  60. JustKidsApps
  61. MyNature Inc.
  62. Tactus Therapy Solutions
  63. FizzBrain
  64. COREL Corporation
  65. 24x7 Digital
  66. Pebro Productions
  67. Techno Chipmunk
  68. AppyHappy Studios
  69. By air, land & sea
  70. Shimon Young
  71. BeiZ
  72. Sprite Labs
  73. catglo (Dash & Ditto)
  74. Kiwa Media
  75. classroom focused software
  76. AppleTreeBooks
  77. Touchy Books
  78. Tin Man Arts
  79. Ant's Studio
  80. Vetra Animation Studios
  81. PixelMat Software
  82. Gluon Solutions
  83. INKids
  84. Interbots
  85. JS900
  86. Conley Solutions (TapSpeak)

Feel free to contact contact Jeremy with any questions you might have.

Carisa, Jeremy, Patrick, & Siva

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