Monday, August 29, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - The Knowledge Castle apps by @ununbox #edapp #IEAR

Knowledge Castle by Ununbox is an interactive encyclopedia designed exclusively for kids.  The Knowledge Castle apps provide children with a broad variety of knowledge, easy to read information, interest-oriented content, and most importantly, interactive games that keep them engaged.

There are currently three Knowledge Castle apps available:


1.  TRANSPORTATION - The Train  (iTunes App Store | $1.99)
This app tells children the history of the train from the 18th Century to the present in story format.


2.  NATURAL SCIENCE - Lightning and thunder  (iTunes App Store | $1.99)
This app helps children learn about the natural phenomena of lightning and thunder, as well as electricity.


3.  ASTRONOMY The Sun and the Earth  (iTunes App Store | $1.99).
This story starts from the birth of the earth to humans never-ending exploration of the earth, then tells the shape and size of planets, as well as the distribution of four oceans and seven continents.  Moreover, this story tells more about the Sun and the Earth, they are the most important two planets for human beings, such as the relation between the Sun and the Earth, rotation and revolution, the day and night caused by the Earth’s rotation.


Features of The Knowledge Castle apps:
  • Educational facts are presented in a story format
  • Pictures and layout are highly interactive
  • Each story is followed by creative games, the purpose being to get children involved in learning
  • Easy to play, as interface similar to video games
  • Children can choose to be different characters
  • Progress is saved before quitting the app and reloaded the next time
  • Built-in reward system to encourage growth
  • Sound effects and background music can be adjusted through "Options"

FREE app (for limited time)!!

For a limited time (until 09/05), the developer has reduced The Train app to FREE!!  Download The Train app via the iTunes App Store.

Promo Codes Giveaway:
The developer has also given us 3 promo codes for The Sun and the Earth and 2 promo codes for Lightning and thunder  to giveaway.  To win a promo code for either of these Knowledge Castle apps:

1. Follow @Ununbox
 and tweet about this promo code giveaway "I just entered promo code giveaway for Knowledge Castle apps by @ununbox. You should too! #B2SAppSpecials #TeachingAll 

2. Like Ununbox on Facebook and mention this #B2SAppSpecials promo code giveaway on the Teaching All blog.

3. Comment below and suggest another topic for Ununbox to consider for a future Knowledge Castle app.

Winners be announced later this week
in a comment below.  Good luck!!

 -  Jeremy

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