Monday, August 15, 2011

Adaptive Use Musical Instruments #accessibility #inclusion #assistivetech

Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI) is software that enables students who have very little voluntary mobility or other impairments to create music simply by moving their head!  This software would make it possible for ALL students to participate in solo and ensemble electronic music improvisation and composition.

How Does It Work?
The AUMI software incorporates camera tracking technology.  Through improvised head movements, students are able create rhythmic patterns and communicate with others musically. Additionally, a virtual keyboard is played with lateral head movement along the virtual keys to create scalar melodies.

Register & Download
Visit the Deep Listening Institute site to register and download the AUMI software for Mac or Windows for FREE.  For guidance on how to use the software, check out the provided step-by-step instructions or video tutorial below.

Now in the third year of use The AUMI program continues to be revised and improved with input from the technologists, students, therapists and feedback from registered users.  The latest initiative is the development of a training program for therapists, aides, parents and teachers in the use of AUMI software and improvisation.


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