Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ePub for All

ePub is a free digital book publishing format that can be used to create ebooks for use on mobile devices and computers.  ePub created books can be read on browsers, and many mobile device apps like iBooks, Stanza, Nook for iPad & other free ereaders.  You can even read them on devices like the Nook, Nook Color, Kobo, or Andoid devices.  These books can include pictures, links, audio and video embedded in the book.

Since ePub allows you to embed audio and video it can be useful for creating social stories and books for many different students.  ePubBud is a site that helps you to create your own ePub formatted books for use on browsers and mobile devices.  The general ePubBud is available to anyone and you can use it to create books, view books, get ISBN's to sell your books online (for a small fee), or send them a book and they will digitize it for FREE!

ePubBud also has a EDU site for use by teachers and other professionals at  With this site you can create classrooms, manage students, as well as create your own books as all the other options.  This site is constantly being updated and the EDU version is very new, so stay tuned for many more updates.

A couple of things I'd like to share about the ePub format that is important when creating.  At this time audio and video are only usable in the iBooks app on iOS devices & in the Chrome web browser.  I don't know about other ereader devices (like the Nook or Kobo), but I would hope that more widespread support will be coming soon!  Also video in the .mp4 format & audio in the .mp3 format works best with ePub.  If you are interested in learning to create your own ePub book you can find out more here:

2 Differentiate - ePub directions
Use Google Docs to create an ePub book
Administer Classrooms & how to create ePub Books


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