Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Boxmeup is a new website and app for Android that has some interesting applications in a classroom.  The basic idea of Boxemeup is that it allows you to create virtual "containers" and "lists" of items.  You can then assign the items to the containers.  While this is all done on the computer, but what makes it cool is that those virtual containers, can be real containers in your house, classroom or office.  Boxmeup creates a QR code to put on the physical container.  When you scan the code (using an Android app only at this time) it will tell you what is in the container.  You can also search for your items on the website and it will tell you what container they are inside.

I could see this app/website being used in a functional work environment.  It could help a student find items that they need to complete a job, giving them some independence.  You can also use in a school setting to help students remember where items are in the school, linking a location to the item.


Thanks to Lifehacker for this information.

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