Friday, April 22, 2011

More on QR codes

QR Codes continue to show up everywhere, and I've found tons of new ways to use them since my last post - QR Codes in the Special Education Classroom.

Recently, I spoke to a group of transition professionals in my area.  Now, I'll be the first to admit that transition planning is not something I've done a ton of.  I have spent my entire career in the primary grades, so this was an interesting exercise to think of ways to use this technology with older students and adults.  Here were some of my ideas:

-Set up a QR code in a job placement/work area, when someone scans it, it links them to a blog where directions for the job site are posted.  These directions could be changed on a regular basis and since it is a blog/website you can do it remotely.  No need to visit the job site.

-If you are in a suburban/urban area, you could create a QR code that would link the student to the "live" bus times allowing them to see when the bus might be coming.

-Create a QR code with students personal information for them to keep in their wallet/purse.  If there is a time when they are lost, they can be taught to pull it out and have someone scan it.  Much safer than just leaving personal information in plain text.  (Thanks to Jeanne my OT for thinking of this one!)

-QR codes can be attached to different items at a job site, when a student scans it text is revealed, if using iOS they can have it read to them and give them directions for what to do with the items.

-Create a QR code for when a student is finished, it will text the job coach, and let them know they are finished with the job.

I really think the possibilities are endless!!!  What makes it so compelling is the QR codes can embed links to websites, text, phone numbers, or text message and it's all for free.  You can create all these types of QR codes here at

If you are interested in more information on QR codes, check out this information from Judy Okazai from - QR Codes

And this is a great post about QR codes and how to use them and create a math lesson from Free Tech 4 Teachers - QR Codes in the Classroom


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