Monday, April 25, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - Typ-O

As we all know iOS devices have their limitations.  One such limitation is that to get alternate input, keyboards, audio input, etc... you have to use an app.  Unlike Android, you cannot change the default keyboard.  This limitation is from Apple, and holds back apps like Typ-O.  The perfect place to put Typ-O would be as a replacement for the standard iOS keyboard so it could be used in all apps, but that is not available at this time.

The reason Typ-O would be a decent replacement for the standard keyboard is that it does word prediction.  Typ-O does word predication pretty well for an app.  I used it on my iPod Touch and it did a good job of suggesting words no matter how I spelled them.  It is a little limiting in how many choices you can see at once, but that's a limit of the size of the device, not the app.  From the screen shots I have seen the iPad version uses the space very well and offers an easier view of the choices.  As with all alternate access apps you will need to copy the text and paste it into another app if you want in an email, text or other app.  Typ-O also offers text-to-speech speaking the word or the sentence as you choose.

Overall, Typ-O is a solid word prediction app with built in text-to-speech.  It is a little pricey - $4.99 for the iPhone version and $14.99 for the iPad version, but worth it if you need word prediction.  The only limitation is not the app's fault, but Apple's that I hope gets resolved in newer versions of iOS.

App -
Typ-O -
Typ-O HD -

Price - $4.99 - iPhone, $14.99 - iPad (at time of posting)
Type - requires separate purchase for iPhone and iPad versions
Restrictions - runs on all iOS devices

**Reviewer received a copy of this app from the developer**

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