Monday, April 4, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - Fill the Gap

Fill the Gap is a simple spelling app for iOS.  While that statement is true, it tends to miss represent the app.  Fill the Gap is simple in premie, but rich in features.  At it's core Fill the Gap asks students to fill in the missing letter of a word, a picture is provided, as well as a pronunciation.  You can choose from first or last letter, missing vowel, missing blends, digraphs, and irregular vowel sounds.  You have an option to choose word length as well - 4, 6, 8 or any number of letters.  If you get the answer correct you get both audio and animation rewards.  Incorrect responses get an audio sound and the correct answer is flashed on the screen, it will not move on until you get the correct answer.  

Fill the Gap also includes some simple data, called Smudge Marks.  It sorts the data by word length or you can view all correct or incorrect.  This is a great feature of the app, but I would like to see some options to export the data (email or copy), also if you get a question wrong multiple times, it is counted each time in the data, which can be a little misleading.  Overall, Fill the Gap is a solid app for working on literacy skills for many students!

At this time Fill the Gap comes in many different versions:

App - Fill the Gap - iPhone Version
Price - $0.99 (at time of posting)
Type - Universal (works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
Restrictions - None
Skills Addressed - literacy

The developer has offered 5 codes for Fill the Gap Pocket for iPhone/iPod Touch to giveaway this week. As always you can enter up to 3 times, using the following methods:

1.  Comment on this post
2.  Tweet about this post using the hashtag #AppMondayTAS
3.  Like the Teaching All Students Fan Page on Facebook  leave a comment

Good luck!  Make sure to have all your entries in by Friday, April 8 at 12pm Central time.  I'll pick the winners after that!


**The developer provided the reviewer with a copy of this app**

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