Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - Do As Me

It's been a long couple of weeks, between alternate assessments and report cards it's been crazy, but I'm back now and I think we'll have another #AppMondayTAS review!

I'm not exactly sure where I heard about this next app, but I love the concept and it's execution is done very well.  Do as Me is a simple app (as many of the good ones are) that allows you to draw or write on the screen, then kids can follow along and do the same thing.  In the teacher mode it allows you to erase the steps one at a time or trash the entire thing.  In the student mode you have to make it similar to what is on the screen before it goes on to the next letter or part of the drawing.  It will let you know if you go to far out of the lines.

Using the app on an iPod Touch is a little limiting, I can get about 4-5 letters on the screen, or small drawing.  I imagine the iPad version has much more of the screen available for writing, making it very effective for students with fine motor issues.  It would be nice for the app to have some more features - different color inks, maybe extra pages, different backgrounds (for students with visual issues) - overall I think the app is a solid app for working on writing skills.

App - Do As Me
Price - $0.99 (at time of posting)
Type - Universal (works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
Restrictions - Requires iOS 4.2 (will not work on 1st Generation iPhones or iPod Touches)
Skills Addressed - writing, fine motor


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