Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple iPad 2

Today Apple announced the release of the iPad 2 and they have made some changes!  The iPad 2 has a dual core processor (A5) and is 2 times faster than the original iPad.  It also has faster Graphics processing. Even with that speed increase they are able to keep the 10 hour battery life!  It is also thinner (8.8mm) and lighter (1.3 lbs.).

They have also added front and back cameras to the iPad 2.  The back camera can take 720p video and still photos, while the front camera is enabled for Facetime (and presumably Skype!).  They've also updated the Gyroscope, Compass and Accelerometer to be more accurate.  And last, and one of the most asked for features from teachers, the ability to mirror your iPad display on a TV!  Finally a way to show off apps.

I think Apple has some some great things with this version of the iPad.  I think adding the camera will add a ton of functionality to apps like Pictello, Proloquo2go, iCommunicate, and many, many others.  The smaller size and lighter weight will make it even more accessible to students.  They kept the price the same, the cheapest model - 16GB WiFi only is still $499.  I think it's a great upgrade and will make this an even better product!


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