Monday, January 31, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - Webapps

Not all websites have apps for iOS.  While you may agree or disagree with this there are good reasons for not creating an a separate app.  One of the pros is that if you update the webapp, then it is available to everyone right away, and you don't have to sync your device to get that update.  One of the cons is that you have to have an internet connection to use them.  That being said, I thought that for today's AppMonday I'd talk about some webapps that you can use on your iOS device from your Safari Browser.

Gmail/Reader - One of the easiest ways to access your Gmail if from Safari.  Actually if you use the Google App it will just take you to Safari to access Gmail.  I find that the interface is easy to use and it works quickly.  I also read about 200 feeds in my Google reader, and find that using Reader from Safari to be very satisfying experience.

Tar Heel Reader - is one of my favorite sites.  I've written about it here, here, here, here, & here.  I've used Tar Heel quite a lot on my computers, but just recently they've upgraded and you can access the books from your iOS device!  To use point Safari to, and search for a book.  Once you have a book open, make sure to select a voice, and start reading.  You need to touch the picture or text and it will read it to you.  It makes this website a very, very useful webapp.

Smories - Smories is a new webapp that I just posted about here.  They have wonderful stories, read by kids available to watch.  You can watch many of the stories on their website from your Safari browser.

Meegenius - Meegenius is another website that I've found recently.  It has children's books and it will read the books to you.  The website will also highlight the words as it reads.  It has both free and paid books (they range from $.99 to $2.99 per book) and you can access them through the webapp or a free Meegenius App.  The books will read through your safari browser (it does take a little while to load, and make sure to tap the words).

Just remember that to use any of the webapps in the post you have to be connected to the internet.  I'm sure there are a few more out there if you know of any good ones leave a comment below!


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