Monday, January 17, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - Garkelin

Two weeks ago I posted about a bunch of music apps - #AppMonday - Music Apps.  That post prompted me to start looking for an app for a student to use as a recorder.  What I found was Garklein - The smallest recorder.

As with most good apps, this one is simple.  There are almost no options, and all you do is touch the screen to "play".  You can hold down up to 5 buttons to create the different notes, but there is no need to get that fancy.  Several of my students picked up this app, and started using it immediately.  The sound quality is quite good for a synthesized instrument, in fact the music teacher in my school never even noticed that the student was not using her recorder!  More than anything, I was excited to help this student participate in an activity she had previously had to sit out, since she is not able to use a traditional recorder.

This app is a free download!  Check it out today!


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