Friday, December 10, 2010

Googling for Communicating

Way back in April of 2009, I shared how I had started using Google Docs to increase collaboration between myself, my related service providers, outside therapists & parents.  A year and a half later it's going gangbusters!  It's been a huge success for me, and my parents.  It is a great way to track student progress, it's a wonderful record of student behavior.

Since I started this project I have added some parts.  For instance, I created a second page just for parents & outside therapists to share information about a student.  One parent even keeps all their child's information about medication changes and seizure activity, which makes it extremely easy for the school nurse to be kept updated!

I've created a Prezi that details the steps I've taken to create the documents, modify them so they are shared correctly, protected them, & added notifications.  You can see it here - Googling for Communicating.

Recently, I've had to make a new portion to the communication logs - translation.  I've had a new student start in my room, whose parents do not speak English, but I wanted to continue to have the opportunity to share information.  Google has thought of this and has created a formula to automatically translate cells.  IT uses the Google Translate engine and I can't verify how accurate the translation is (since I don't speak any other languages), but I figure it's better than not communicating.  I've posted some directions for using the formula at my wiki - Googling for Communicating - Translation.  You can see a sample here - Patrick's Communication Log - Sample.


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