Friday, November 5, 2010

AT Smackdown - #ATIA2010

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One of the best sessions of ATIA 2010 was an impromptu session set up by Karen Janowski (@karenjan), Brian Wocjik (@bwwojci) & Dave Hehoulin (@dehohulin), the AT Smackdown!  Basically anyone who attended got 2 minutes (or so...) to talk about any tool they wanted, take the computer and show it!  It was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of great tools shared.  We got a chance to record the session and the audio (should be posted by this evening) is going to part of a special A.T.Tipscast from Chris Bugaj (@attipscast).  You can get the audio by subscribing to his podcast in iTunes or by heading to the compendium blog -  I've also transcribed all the tips/tools below for everyone to check out.  Thanks to everyone who partipated!!

ATIA Smackdown - Fall 2010

Patrick Black (@teachntech00)

  • Dropbox -
  • syncs files across multiple computers/operating systems, requires small download & install

Karen Janowski (@karenjan)
Dave Hohulin (@dehohulin)

  • Evernote -
  • sync notes across multiple computers/operating systems
  • works with all mobile devices
  • can clip webpages with extensions for Chrome, Safari & Firefox
Sheri Lenzo
Brian Wojcik (@bwwojci)
Sarah Rose (
Mary Bettlach
Brian Wojcik (@bwwojci)
Patrick Black (@teachntech00)
  • Diigo -
  • online bookmarks, extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer
  • also has groups, and classroom accounts
Lynda Hartman
Emily Isom & Patrick Black (@teachntech00)
  • Prezi -
  • online presentation creator, also includes online collaboration
Dave Hohulin (@dehohulin)
Brian Wojcik (@bwwojci)
  • Clipmarks -
  • On, you can see clips of text, images or video about all sorts of topics that people find while surfing the web.
Karen Janowski (@karenjan)
  • Google Image Search
  • go to settings, under search settings, change to "Use strict Filtering"
    • will filter out most explicit images
Patrick Black (@teachntech00)
Brian Wojcik (@bwwojci)

Have fun checking out these great resources!

-  Patrick

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