Saturday, October 30, 2010

#ATIA2010 - Favorite Products

This will be a short post, just wanted to share some of my favorite products from the Vendor Hall.

Satalight - SMART Board on height & tilt adjustable stand.  You can access with any type of touch - fingertip, fist, and can take a hit (don't ask them to demonstrate, it's quite impressive!) It's downside is that it does use a projector and can create shadows.  Can include a switch interface, laptop arm, and speakers. - Satalight.

Tap-it - another SMART Board solution also on a height & tilt adjustable stand.  It is LCD screen, that accepts touch input.  It is able to distinguish between intended and unintended touch - so a student could lean on the board with one hand and still access the activity with another. One drawback is that you have to use an isolated finger to access. - Tap-it

News-2-You - a great weekly, current events newspaper modified with symbols.  Very accessible, text-to-speech version available online, with tons of extension activities - News-2-You

Aimee Solutions - amazing sets of curricular, theme based materials.  This year started selling sets of computer activites based on Life Skills adapted using SymbolStix. - Aimee Solutions

Conceptua Math - I'll be posting more about this website later, but it is my pick for the best product of ATIA.  Check out more here - Conceptua Math


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