Friday, September 10, 2010

iPod Touch updates

Apple recently announced that they would be updating their line of iPod Touches, Shuffles & Nanos.  They've shrunk some devices (Nano), added back buttons (Shuffle), and updated the iPod Touch so it is truly an iPhone without the phone.

The iPod Touch might not be the most radical update (see the Nano), but I think it's the most significant. The iPod Touch will come come standard with 2 cameras, front and back, which will allow it to use Facetime, as well as take video & photos.  This will exponentially increase the usability of apps like iCommunicate, Proloquo2go, First/Then Schedules, iPrompts & Animoto (see why on Monday!), by allowing users to instantly add photos, usually from inside the app.

They have also upgraded the display, the processor & battery life (40 hours for music playback, 7 hours for video) Apple is selling the 8GB iPod Touch for $229, 32GB for $299, & 64GB for $399.


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