Monday, September 13, 2010

#AppMonday - Animoto App

With the update of the iPod Touch just released (Apple iPod Touch), I thought that today's #AppMonday pick is perfect.  Animoto is a web2.0 site for video creation.  Using pictures from your computer and music too you can create a very professional looking video slideshow in under 10 minutes!  Check out my review of it here:  Animoto.

The Animoto iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app is available only for those devices that are running iOS 4.0, but those that do have a great amount they can do with it.  The first option is to watch videos that you have created online, on your iDevice, you can even download the videos to watch them when not connected to the internet.  You can also use your iDevice to create a new video.  Using photos & music already on your iDevice you can make a video of up to 30 seconds for free accounts, any length for educator accounts.

The update to the iPod Touch is exciting because now students can take photos of a trip, around school, or a project, and use those photos to create an Animoto video.  Just imagine to possibilities available!  I've always felt that iDevices have been great ways to consume content, but lacked a way to effectively create it.  The Animoto app is one app that bridges that gap.

Animoto is a free app from the iTunes store, and integrates with your free or educator account.


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