Monday, April 26, 2010

#AppMondayTAS - iCommunicate

I came across iCommunicate ($4.99) while getting ready for my latest workshop.  iCommunicate is a program that helps you create "storyboards".  It comes with a  set of pictures, but you can easily add more from your photo library stored on your iPod Touch or iPhone.  You can use the storyboards to create social stories as well as schedules.  At this time you can save up to 40 photos for each storyboard  For an additional $4.99 in-app purchase you can add custom audio to your storyboards.  The user interface is easy to use, and it's very simple to create and modify storyboards.  They are saved, so you can reuse them.  One feature that I'd like to see added (suggested by someone at my workshop) would be some way to mark pictures as done (which they are working on but it will take some time).

The developers of iCommunicate are a husband and wife team, Grembe, Inc.  They have 2 other apps - iReward and iConnect.  I've not tried either of those programs, but if they are anything like iCommunicate they are well done.


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