Friday, March 26, 2010

Ideas to encourage access - students with low vision

Recently a reader contacted me and asked if I had any resources for students with low vision.  Ideas for how to encourage computer use and such.  Here were my suggestions:

First, I'd suggest heading to - Barrie has some amazing resources for switch users, and the can be used by touch screen users too.  A lot to look at on that site so you have to look around.
You could also try this from Yuichi's Blog -
Here's a great list of resouces from Glenda's A.T. Information -
Check out Youtube or - find a video they like, then they can touch the screen to start it and such
Talkingsmartboards has some great sites to check out -
Have you tried - - they have awesome videos that are quick, and easy to set up for touch screen users.
These were just a few of my suggestions, are there any other's you would have suggested?


Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons:  Sausyn

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