Friday, January 1, 2010

341 Catering

Based on the classroom where they work from, 341 Catering offer's students with disabilities at Mt. Lebanon High School the opportunity to practice real world skills. I read about this classroom on the CEC SmartBrief. You can read about the classroom here: 341 Catering

This article caught my eye, because of it's simplicity. Teaching work skills, real world, life skills are an important part of any curriculum for kids with SCD. This idea of providing baked goods and coffee on a daily basis for meetings and staff is a wonderful to get kids involved. By using technology you can even include students with more significant disabilities - switches for mixing, taking orders, transcribing orders, the list goes on.

In the past I've had students take orders for the Ellison Machine and cut out the letters. I also have students complete jobs around the classroom like putting away books, cleaning desks, and taking notes to the office. What other novel ideas do you have for teaching work skills to students?


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