Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I read many other tech blogs, and RSS feeds. Yesterday I ran across a very interesting new type of interface. Of course at this time it's only conceptual, but has very interesting implications for Assistive Technology and computer access.

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

10/GUI (pronounced gooey) is an interesting idea on how to reinvent the computer interface. As it points out we are rather limited and have reached a point where the mouse interface is not going to change anymore. Touch is the new interface. While touchscreens have been around for quite a while, they are sometimes just as limiting as the computer mouse. I have my own personal bias about touchscreens too (many children with disabilities generalize that all computers have touch screens and get confused when they don't, again just a personal bias).

This interface seems to have broad implications for students with disabilities. It allows students to interact with a computer in a more natural way. While we all know that the computer mouse can be difficult to teach or learn for some students, they might have more opportunity for interaction with this interface. Again, I know that it's a concept, but maybe, just maybe we can get enough people talking about it to get the ball rolling!



Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Eph Zero

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