Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Classroom Management Software

Recently a conversation took place on Twitter between several individuals, @shareski, myself, & @mbjorgensen concerning Classroom Management Software.

The start of the conversation came from @shareski, who stated that "Never been excited about demos that show how to control or lock student computers. We can do better." This stuck a chord with me and I responded, "If we're always controlling what they see, when do they learn to think for themselves? Just my opinion!" From my recollection @mbjorgensen felt that there was a place for such software, and posted a response on his blog, Jorgie's Learning Blog.

I've read the post, and agree heartily, there is a place for such software, especially in a computer lab setting. I've not spent much time in computer labs, and actually never considered the uses for such software. I love projecting the monitoring software so that students can self-monitor! It also seems very useful to help students collaborate from across the room.

I do also want to admit that I took @shareski's comment a little differently than @mbjorgensen. When I read the original comment I was thinking about filtering type software. I do agree there are certain sites that are not for student use, but we also have to start teaching students to be intelligent consumers. There is a lot of bad stuff out on the net, if we filter everything students will never learn how to navigate safely on their own.

I want to end by saying, I respect and follow @mbjorgensen, but this is one of the limitations of a platform like Twitter. I think both @mbjorgensen, & myself had different takes on the same comment. Twitter is very useful, I constantly find new and exciting information on Twitter, but the conversation can be confused. Thank you Jorgie for your comments, and clarifications! Please check out @mbjorgensen at Jorgie's Learning Blog and @shareski at Ideas and Thoughts from and Educator.


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