Thursday, June 18, 2009

15 Free Web Apps for the 2.0 Teacher

Today we have a guest post from Karen Schweitzer.  She wrote a great post in April about 20 Online Resources for Special Education Teachers.


15 Free Web Apps and Software for the 2.0 Teacher


Integrating technology in the classroom doesn't have to be expensive. There are many free web and software applications that can help the 2.0 teacher communicate with parents, assign homework, administer tests, and more. Here are 15 applications that are worth exploring:


Bookgoo - Teachers can upload documents to Bookgoo and mark them online. Bookgoo allows annotations, highlighting, and other markings.


Chalksite - Chalksite is free education software that can be used to create a class website, update online grade books, assign homework, send messages, and more.


Class Marker - Class Marker is a free online testing site that makes it easy for teachers and other users to create quizzes that can be taken online. The site marks all of the quizzes automatically to save time and make online testing more convenient.


EduSlide - Teachers can use EduSlide to create their own course or access lessons that have been created by other people. Courses can include testing modules, wikis, chat, blogs, slideshows, and more.


Engrade - More than 50,000 teachers use Engrade to manage classes online. The free set of tools includes an online grade book, an assignment calendar, secure online messaging, progress reports, and an online attendance book.


Flashcard Exchange - This web-based flashcard program can be used to print flashcards and study flashcards online. Teachers can use the flashcards that are already on the site or make their own.


Google Apps Education Edition - The Google Apps Education Edition is a suite of communication and collaboration applications. The apps have been specifically designed for schools and universities and are free to try and use.


GroupTweet - This free Twitter app makes it easy for teachers to set up a private group among parents or students. Messages can be exchanged via Twitter and can only be viewed by members of the group.


Mikogo - This free screen-sharing tool makes it easy to show your computer screen to other people who are online. Perfect for teachers who want to guide a group of students through web pages and other documents.


Natural Reader - Natural Reader is free software that converts text into speech. The software can read from Microsoft Explorer Internet pages, MS Word files, Adobe PDF files, and other text files.


SlideShare - This online slide creator makes it easy to create your own online presentation using PowerPoint slides or Word documents. Presentations can be kept private or made public and can be turned into webinars if you add audio.


Sync2It - Sync2It is a free bookmark management software application that synchronizes bookmarks so that they can be accessed across different machines and browsers.


VerbaLearn - This free application makes it easy to study English vocabulary over the web. VerbaLearn offers special sections for both students and teachers.


Web-Chops - Web-Chops is a cut and paste tool that's perfect for teachers who want to clip and share pages, pictures, and text on the web. Clips can be organized on one topic page and shared with one or more people.


WriteWith - WriteWith is a document sharing tool that can be used by groups who want to write together online. The free web app offers document sharing, tracking, and other nifty features.



Guest post from Karen Schweitzer, the Guide to Business School. Karen also writes about online colleges and universities for