Thursday, May 21, 2009

This I Believe...

I'm a self-described NPR Junkie. I listen on the way to school and back home, on Saturdays I listen to Car Talk; Wait, Wait, don't tell me...; and This American Life. So it won't surprise you that I was intrigued by a series they did called This I Believe... The original series was done by Edward R Murrow in the 1950s, and it was resurrected by NPR. I heard many essays, and decided to try one myself.

This I Believe...

I believe that all children can learn, actually I believe all children do learn. They learn how to get what they want, they learn how to communicate, they learn lots of things we don't want them to learn. Now how they communicate, get what they want may not be words, but actions or the dreaded "behavior"! But sufficed to say, they communicate.

I believe that technology is a bridge to help all students. Technology is not the answer, but a piece of the puzzle. There are many tools to teach children, I personally use low-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech on a daily basis.

I believe independence is key. All students need to learn how to be as independent as possible to have any chance of success in our world today. Independence is a skill that all children should be working on from the moment they enter our school systems!

Patrick Black

You can read many more essays from the original Edward R. Murrow series or the NPR series here at This I Believe.

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