Friday, May 22, 2009

FREE Professional Development Opportunity!

As the end of the year draws near, I realize how much there is to do! I feel I've neglected this blog, but my first responsibility is always to my students. I continue to find new and interesting information and will share. I've written about the A.T.Tipscast from time to time, but I think Chris has really outdone himself this time.

Chris has put together booklets to use in conjunction with his podcasts. Basically his idea is that all teachers/specialists/parents have time while they commute to listen to CD's. By creating CD's of the podcasts they can listen while they drive and then answer the questions in the booklets, to show that they have listened. It's a great idea, and simple (like most good ideas). You can check out the booklets here. After you download the podcasts, you can burn them to CD straight from iTunes. The booklets are designed to fit right into a jewel case. If you are looking for easy, simple, and affordable (free) professional development this is a great option.


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