Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A.T.TipsCast - Communication Bridges I use

I've slowly been going back through the podcasts from A.T.Tipscast and came across a very interesting one. A.T.TipsCast Episode #13 is all about Communication Bridges.  Chris explains that Communication Bridges are what you use to help students communicate what they have done during the day to their parents.  They can also be used to share what students do at home with the teacher. In listening to this episode I realized that I've been using something very similar.  My students fill in their Journal each afternoon to take home, as a way to share what they did with their parents.  Each evening the students fill out a Last Night I... sheet so they can share with the class what they did.  For my students it is a great way to connect with their same age peers, as they share it during a time in their general education classroom.

Here are the pages I use for my students journal:
Page 01
Page 02
Page 03

I've found them a very powerful tool for students to take charge of reporting their learning.  Parents love having the information and are more than willing to fill out the Last Night I... page!  I customize the pictures for each student by inquiring with each parent about activities they do on a regular basis.  Please take a look at the forms (they are in Boardmaker format), feel free to use & change to fit your needs.


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