Monday, February 2, 2009

Make your own Interactive Whiteboard

One of the more techy adaptations floating around the internet at this time is the Wiimote Whiteboard. What exactly is a Wiimote Whiteboard? It's a way to turn a simple projector into a Smartboard. Basically you connect your Wiimote to your computer (that's hooked up to your projector), point the Wiimote at the screen, and use an LED pen to access the screen. The Infrared Sensor on the Wiimote detects where you touch and translates that to the computer, just like a mouse. The beauty of this, it can all be done for $75 or less! The software is available free on the internet, a Wiimote costs-$40, a LED pen-$10, a tripod-$20, & an adapter for the tripod-$10. Here are several sites that talk about how to set up a Wiimote Whiteboard: - Wiimote Whiteboard in Education: A tutorial

Speech Language Pathology Sharing - Low-Cost Interactive Applications for the MacBook - Touch-Screen, Interactive Whiteboard, Gesture Recognition

Check out these tutorials, and get started on your own Wiimote Whiteboard today!


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