Sunday, January 18, 2009

Proloquo2Go - AAC for iPod Touch & iPhone

ON the QIAT listserve Samuel Sennott just announced that AssistiveWare is ready to announce the release of Proloquo2Go AAC software. The software is designed to be used on iPod Touch & iPhones! This exciting new software was developed for those AAC users who are resistant to use more typical AAC devices, possibly due to social feelings or other such issues. The software is based off the Proloquo - a text to speech engine for the Mac OS (slight edit - Sam informed me that the Proloquo2go is entirely new, not based off the Proloquo software). Take a look at it here: Proloquo. Here's what Samuel had to say about Proloquo2Go on the Qiat Listserv:

With tears in my eyes and great hope in my heart I write to you to tell you that we, David Niemeijer and I, are releasing an augmentative communication app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Proloquo2Go. I am very pleased to be the AAC advisor on this project.

This project is about so many people and their families. The stories we are hearing out of our testing group are of children and adults not only having a powerful portable AAC device, but experiencing that coolness factor, which has delightfully become such a big presence in our field. Thank you very much to those testers. You know who you are.

Proloquo2Go is the name of the application and it is pronounced:

* Pro as in program.
* lo as in low.
* quo as in quote.
* 2 as in two
* Go as in go to the store.
* It is Latin for speak out.

Proloquo2Go: Communication on the Go

It has been quite hard keeping P2G a secret, for as you know I like to share! We are in the second beta testing version and are looking forward to our late first quarter release. Look for the full press release shortly.

To me it represents what is going to happen this year and beyond in AAC and AT, where we see the viability of touch coming to the mainstream. Working together, I believe we will see some miraculous results with the new platforms coming available to all of us. Much thanks goes out to OLPC as a whole and Mary Lou Jepson for paving the way....

Sam has been a tireless ally and advocate for AAC users and this is no exception. The obvious uses for Proloquo2Go will be a great boon to many users! Thanks Sam!


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