Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ASL Resources

Many students with significant cognitive disabilities learn with many different modalities. American Sign Language is one that is used most often. Here are some resources for finding signs across the internet. Many of them use video and pictures to help teach the signs.

One of the first I ever used was the ASL Browser from Michigan State University. It's easy to navigate, and includes a description of the sign.

Lifeprint.com is another great site for finding signs. You can navigate just like the ASL Browser, just using the alphabet. It also offers a University to teach you sign. The university is free, unless you want course credit for high school or college. You can even download a free ASL font for you computer.

The last resource I'd like to share is ASL Pro. This site uses video to model signs, it also includes phrases and religious sign specific to ASL.

Hope these resources will be useful. Use them well.


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