Sunday, December 14, 2008

AnneMarie of Talking SMARTBoards posted a great website today called The site is designed for children ages 10 and under and has many features. There is a free, ad supported section, a premium section, and a educational section. Educators can sign up for a free account, which is ad free. I've been playing around with the site and found several nice features:

-You can sign up 10 students to have their own account
-The site allow students to save favorite activities
-There are several simple, switch accessible games, including a left/right activity to catch snowflakes.
-Coloring activities to do online and offline
-No advertisements
-No external links
-Open full screen

The site would work very well on a SMARTBoard or on a large screen. Make sure to check out Talking SMARTBoards for other activities you can use!


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