Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fair Use Copyright

Copyright is an issue that affects all people creating materials for students. Especially our student with significant cognitive disabilities who usually require photos of specific items for better understanding. Usually this is not a problem as we can take digital photos of items and that takes care of it. Sometimes we need photos and copyrighted materials to accomplish these goals, and with the ease of access to Google Images and such what can and can't we use with our students. Recently Jeantette of My Point of View... shared a simple explanation of what you can and cannot use under Fair Use.

Choice making boards are OK. You are not sharing the videos, you are only sharing the jacket covers and the name of the movie. I would see that as no different as me displaying my home videos and allowing someone to see to which one they wanted to watch.

Copyright is like this:

You cannot scan a storybook into boardmaker and put symbols with it and claim copyright. It still carries the copyright of the author and publisher. If you want to make story strips for books you can make them, save them and share them but you can't share the scanned book. Yes, there are people that do this. Yes, it can fall under fair use however, you cannot guarantee that other users have the books. So you are giving away a copy of the book that someone didn't purchase.

You cannot upload Edmark materials. For example, you can't scan Edmark materials and then put Boardmaker materials with the materials. The Edmark program is copyrighted material. You can post the boardmaker materials without the Edmark materials.

Music is copyrighted. There is some music that is not copyrighted. But popular music is copyrighted this includeds CD's. If you make a jukebox or song choice board you can set it up but you must remove the music. You may own the music but that doesn't mean you can share it. You can use short clips for example trailers and teasers, they are fair use.

Sounds - most of the time Sounds are not copyrighted. Rule if you paid for it, you can't share it. However, what the sounds - anything you create is copyrighted so the sounds are copyrighted but you are not using more then a few seconds of the sounds you are ok. For example, you make a board that has animals sounds, you are ok to upload that with sound (if we had room).


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