Monday, December 1, 2008

Aimee Solutions

So for my first post back, after my computer mishap (still not fixed on a loaner machine), I decided to talk about a great site run by some friends of mine. I'll start off by saying that I have worked with these ladies in the past, but would recommend this site to anyone who deals with students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Aimee Solutions is run by 3 women in Lake County, IL. They create materials for students using many different mediums. All the Language Solutions have a Boardmaker book, a interactive book using Intellitools Classroom Suite, language development and fun activities (songs, BINGO, etc...), and some have a writing component. The Language Solution kits are available on CD, and also fully put together.

In addition to Language Solution Kits they have PVC kits for easels, and switch holders. They also do trainings on how to create materials, find bargains at dollar stores, and student created art! Take a look at these ladies and all they do. They are a great resource.


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