Sunday, November 2, 2008

#30D2BBB - Day 2 - Stats

So I've been following my blog on Feedburner.  This is a way to follow who is looking at my blog, who subscribes and what they do on the blog.  Here are some facts about the Teaching All Student Blog:

  • For the past 30 days an average of 15 people have been subscribed to my blog, with a high of 21.
  • I have an average of 26 visitors every day to the blog, 88% of them are new, with a one day high of 65 visitors
  • Almost 70% of my viewers use Internet Explorer.
  • Lots of visitors find my page by searching for - Tar Heel Reader, Math Fact Cafe, Yuichi's Games, & Free Social Stories (52 hits in the last 30 days)
  • Several of my templates have been downloaded over 50 times.

These are just a few facts from my blog. It's been enlightening to see this information, and take some time to analyze it.