Friday, September 5, 2008

Boardmaker Activity Pad

This is the Boardmaker Activity Pad. I would classify this as a mid-tech voice output device. It has several features that make is a nice choice for classroom use. The overlays are easily created in Boardmaker. It has 32 programmable spaces, and they can be placed in any spot on the screen. You do not record on the device, you record on the "smartpockets". You can record up to 4 minutes on each smartpocket, and you don't have to reporgram the device every time you change overlays. 1 activity per side means that you have 2 activities per smartpocket.

There are cost considerations, the device and smartpockets are not cheap. The Boardmaker Activity Pad is $900, and comes with 10 smartpockets. 10 extra are another $100. This device could be a great addition to many classrooms.

Here's a link to more information about the device: Boardmaker Activity Pad