Monday, September 22, 2008

accessible book template

I've only just started playing around with Boardmaker Plus and creating boards.  One of the first I created was an accessible book template.  The format is simple, the book is 10 pages long, and will read the text to the students.  Download a copy here: Accessible Book Template

To use this template you need to download the file, and unzip it.  You will need to copy the files to a new folder every time you want to use it (so you don't lose the template).  Do not change the name of the files as it will not work, just copy the entire contents of the folder to a folder titled like you book.

The programming is set for this book, just put a picture in the top, then put your text in the box labeled page text.  Once you have set created the entire book, go to the cover, and hit ctrl-u (this will start the Plus features).  Now you can read your book.  To reread a page you can just click on the text.

Please understand that these files will only work on BM Plus, BM SDP, or the BM Plus Player.   You can use it to create a book in just BM, but it will not "play".  Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions!

Feel free to pass this blog along to you friends! The more the merrier.

-  Patrick