Monday, August 11, 2008

Remember the Milk

I have been trying out a new service called Remember the Milk. This is a way to help organize your life. You can set up tasks to complete that are personal, study, work and any other category you might like. it's a typical task list in this regard, but it's the interactive features that set this apart. You are able to integrate Remember the milk with your e-mail, Twitter, outlook, Gmail, & Ical so you have multiple ways to access the site.

You can send in your tasks by e-mail or in a direct message from Twitter. The site will e-mail, update Twitter, or text you your todo list. If you put in a specific time it will text you before your appointment, at a predetermined interval.

Another feature is the ability to set up locations, you can tag your task with a specific location. Google mapping is integrated with this feature so you can see where your task it. If you have a Mac you can download a Dashboard Widget - Remember the Moof or a application for windows - Remember the Milk Tool

I know I will be trying this site out and helping myself stay more organized!

-  Patrick