Friday, July 18, 2008

SETT Framework

Assistive Technology is something that I have become extremely interested in the past few years. One of the items that I have learned about is the SETT Framework. This framework is a resource for parents, educators, and team members to use to make sure that assistive technology is being appropriately used for all students. The framework is simple:

The Student:
* What is the functional area(s) of concern? What does the student need to be able to do that is difficult or impossible to do independently at this time?
* Special needs (related to area of concern)
* Current abilities (related to area of concern)

The Environment:
* Arrangement (instructional, physical)
* Support (available to both the student and the staff)
* Materials and Equipment (commonly used by others in the environments)
* Access Issues (technological, physical, instructional)
* Attitudes and Expectations (staff, family, others)

The Tasks:
* What SPECIFIC tasks occur in the student's natural environments that enable progress toward mastery of IEP goals and objectives?
* What SPECIFIC tasks are required for active involvement in identified environments? (related to communication, instruction, participation, productivity, environmental control)

The Tools:
* Is it expected that the student will not be able to make reasonable progress toward educational goals without assistive technology devices and services?
* If yes, describe what a useful system of assistive technology devices and services for the student would be like.
* Brainstorm Tools that could be included in a system that addresses student needs.
* Select the most promising Tools for trials in the natural environments. Plan the specifics of the trial (expected changes, when/how tools will be used, cues, etc.)
* Collect data on effectiveness.

This list is not the end all be all, it is meant to be used as a tool to help all students access and use assistive technology.

This information was provided by Joy Zabala, M.Ed., ATP - check out her website at - Joy Zabala