Monday, July 28, 2008

Google Reader

I would like to thank Paul Hamilton for the today's post.

As I have been starting to do this blog, I've become more interested in other blogs. If you look at the right hand side, of this page you will find at least 5 that I currently check out each day, and if I'm honest that's not even a full list. If you're like me you don't remember much by yourself, so that Means I have to bookmark each site, and remember to go to it each day. There's an easier way.

I was reminded of this by Paul, when I was reading his blog (so make sure to check his out), RSS Readers. RSS is like a ticker - every time something changes on a page, it updates the ticker and you see the result. You have to subscribe to the "feed", which will allow you to see the changes. To see the feed you need a "reader" which understands RSS, one like the Google Reader. Here's a photo of what it looks like:

Once you sign up for Google Reader (actually if you have a gmail account it is the same password), you can click the Add Subscriptions link on the left side of the screen and add a blog (like, newspaper, or anything that has an RSS feed. To find these feeds go to a website, like and look on the bottom of the page for the RSS link, once that page opens you can copy the address, then use the add subscriptions link to add it to your reader.

Once you've added some link you will see that they are listed, and all the "new" posts are listed. You can then read the new ones and ignore the old ones if you want. You can also see all the items you've subscribed to, so you can see if blogs have been updated, thus having all the information in one place.

The other nice feature of Google Reader is that you can save posts (by clicking the star), e-mail/share posts with friends, and you will never lose them, because just like Gmail, you have basically infinite storage. Hope this will help all, keep reading and please feel free to comment on any of my posts. I'd love to get some feedback!